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Pruitt & Associates is a full service financial planning and investment advisory firm specializing in total asset management.  We provide advice and solutions in order to exceed clients’ objectives and financial goals.  Our process is designed to make sure that we understand our clients goals.  Our clients are involved in this comprehensive process, and we understand their choices.  We realize that not all situations are the same for our clients; therefore we are dedicated to designing a portfolio of products to address their financial needs and future goals.  Areas covered include, but are not limited to investment planning, estate planning, retirement, retirement planning, education planning and insurance planning.

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With our expertise and the convenience of a full-service investment firm at your command, preparing for your financial future, and reaching your goals can help make your dreams more achievable. Now more than ever, it takes patience and diligence to be successful at investing. Those are the qualities that we focus on through our working relationship with you, while developing investment strategies tailored to address your specific financial needs.

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